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 How to flush the DNS cache of the operating system?

In order to flush the DNS cache of your operating system, please select your operating system then follow the instructions: Windows 10 Flushing the DNS cache on Windows 10 is easy. Due to system...

 How to login to cPanel?

This article describes to locate and access your XtraOrbit Web Hosting Control Panel - cPanel: To log in to your cPanel, please follow these steps: In your web browser, type the cPanel address...

 How to turn off php safe mode?

This topic illustrates how to enable or disable any php directive :If you need to disable php "safe_mode", change "upload_max_filesize" limit or any other PHP directive, just follow the following...

 My website suddenly became offline, Please help ..

In some cases, your website hosted with us may appear offilne to you becuase your IP address got blocked by our firewall.You can confirm being the firewall blockingby pinging your domain name. If...

 What are the name server host names of the XtraOrbit shared hosting?

If you ordered web hosting from us, please set the name servers of your domain to:

 Why the free email that comes with domain name doesn't work?

If you purchased a domain name and want to to use the free email that comes with it, please set the name servers of your domain to the following values: