Aliens Have Been Searching Among The Planets For The Best Hosting

Once They Found Us, They Fell In Love !


Our Reputation Is Synonymous with Quality

A Name You Can Trust

When you choose a Web Hosting Company, Make sure they have strong roots in business, and that they are here to stay. Lots of companies Start and End at a flip. We are in business for your service, and we are here to stay, and deliver.


Featuring State of the Art Technology

Carrier Class Data Center

Our Data Center is a State Of The Art, Carrier Class, Web Hosting Facility Located in Lansing-Michigan, USA. With redundant everything, this facility will allow us to provide one of the best performance, redundancy and efficiency in web hosting business.


High Quality Hardware with Optimized Software

Dazzling Fast Servers

We choose Quality Brands and Robust Components for our servers and network elements. Our Engineers Keep them up-to-date with the latest patches and tweaks to ensure a safe and fast running environment.


Fast deployment of your new domain and hosting

Up and Running in 5 Seconds

Once you place your order, your domain name and web hosting account will be activated within 5 seconds.


We accept 8 payment methods

Flexible Payment Options

No matter which country you live in: We accept 8 Different Major Payment Methods that are used World Wide. You can change your payment method any time to suite your financial capabilities.


The whole year with is is the "Christmas"

True Savings & Gifts

Choosing us is Always Rewarding. We continuously provide our clients with offers, gifts and reward points all over the year.


Always there when you need help

Experienced Fast Support

Each client has his own own dedicated account manager. We provide fast and experienced 24/7 support through multiple channels including Live Chat, phone, email and online tickets.


Standing out of the crowded market

Highly Rated Award Winning Service

With leading technology, award-winning services, and diverse products, We have always receive top-rated positive reviews.


Seeking to Satisfy Even Need

We Server All Cultures

We have taken all measures to server all customer with different languages and cultures around the globe. Join us now and share the experience.


Your sites are in a safe place

Hardened Security

Security of your data is our highest priority. We will safeguard your websites with multiple layers of security, and we'll give you tools to help protect your account.

Fast & Friendly Multi-Channel Support Available 24/7

Serving More .. Serving Better

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