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Read How Our Clients "Love" Our Service !

Our customers don't just use our service, they love it. That's because we embrace love into what we do. Love means doing the little Xtra things that makes the difference between what is just "Good", and what is "Great" ...

Friendly and helpfull ..

XtraOrbit, even in a different time zone always responds quickly to any request, ticket, email, SMS .. this is a genuine sign of their desire to be a long term successful business.

Mark Herpel
Republica De Panama

For 3 years, the service was never interrupted :)

I decided for a sudden to add my business online, I've heared a lot from my friends about hosting problems (servers down, Bad support, etc.).. But a friend of me recommended Xtraorbit and told me "They are completely different", those words were enough from a trusted. Thank you my friend, and thank you Xtraorbit.

Y. Chloe
Peurto Rico

Problem fixed in 2 minutes ..

I got a problem configuring my database and I needed a quick reset of my account. Thank you very very much for your support and help, After 2 minutes from my email you have it all fixed !!

Ali Ben Haj Khalifa

It's a "miracle" for me !

I didn't think it would be so easy to have an online presence. It's a "miracle" for me ... so for the first time "of my life" i really realize the internet is really "a good system"... Thanks to you !

Eric Lescombes

Better than a lot Others ..

alas, I have only few lines to add testimonial actually I need pages. so let me make it brief. BEFORE using Xtraorbit; I suffered a lot because of SPAM, I didn't know what REAL TIME support mean. But with Xtraorbit.. LIFE beacme brighter,and business became REAL. They are better than other companies I tried before. Thank you Xtraorbit.. Thank you a lot.

Yiehya Zakaria

Good Anti Spam Protection ..

Actually, I use my account for my business mail only. My most irritating concern with other hosting companies was SPAM. Since I moved to Xtraorbit with their 99.99% SPAM Free (I can judge it is 1000% SPAM Free), I'm totaly concentrating on my bisiness only and that saved at least ONE business hour daily.

Medhat Mehareb

Down to Earth ..

I'm yet to see a web hosting company with a nice and down to earth way of responding to customers or clients like you. I apprecite your level of response and how you responded.

Sesan Abayomi

Fast & Friendly Multi-Channel Support Available 24/7

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