Many things have Changed Since 2002, Including Us !

This is the Story of Our Brand "Evolution"

2002 |
The Beginning

1. Open Your Eyes ..

This is the First Realization of our Online Presence. It was the picture of our "Freshly Designed" Logo that was used as the home page for the upcoming site

2. Hello HTML ..

Although it looks very primitive by today's standards, the first experimental home page of our site still held the spirit of the current modern websites ..

3. Hello World ..

This was the first actual working home page of our site ..

2005 |
Into the Modern Era

4. An Early Face Lift

Our Identity is getting a more modern look ..

2007 |
A Revolution

5. Do you believe this was in 2007 ?

Back then, the look of our home page was something that raised lots of eyebrows
It was a Revolution !

2010 |
Thinking Big

6. Introducing Unlimited Hosting ..

The Hosting Market Needs were growing bigger and bigger, So we introduced the new "Unlimited Hosting Platform" and redesigned our site to accommodate that move. It was a major success.

2012 |
Our 10th Anniversary

7. We Stand on a Solid Foundation

Our Brand has established a solid foundation of Trust through Customers Loyalty over the years

2016 |
Time to a Radical Change ..

8. Re-Birth through Re-Branding ..

The time has come for a Re-Birth. We returned back to the drawing board and Made use of what we have learned over the years. Our eye were looking forward towards the future ..

2017 |
Into the Future ..

9. The New XtraOrbit is Here ..

Our Rebranding is a lot more than just a Redesign. It is a leap into the future, with strong roots in the past

We hope you have Enjoyed our little journey ..

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