Can XtraOrbit help me connect my existing database to the web?

Yes, we can.

 Can my web store generate sales reports?

Your store will come fully configured for powerful store reporting features including Order Summary by any selected date range, Order Detail by Customer, Invoicing.

 Do I have to use an on-line payment processing service?

No. Utilizing real-time credit card processing is up to the store administrator.Your store could have support for e-mailed orders directly to you or use of e-checks.

 How do I receive notice of sales placed at my web store?

Your online store will support e-mail confirmation of sales. When a sale is finalized at your web store, the customer is automatically sent a confirmation of the purchase. You can specify up to two...

 How is the database secured?

Data is secured through the use of SSL and password protection. Utilizing an SSL directory in your web store allows for information such as credit card numbers to be sent in encrypted form....

 How many products can I have in my database?

MySQL can support an unlimited number of products.

 Is it possible to send routine e-mail to my web store customers?

Yes we can facilitate that.

 What credit cards can my site accept on the internet?

Your site can accept all credit cards that you can use in a retail store.

 What is an SSL Directory?

SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) is an encryption service that runs on the server.It causes all communication back and forth between the visitor's browser and the web to be sent in encrypted form. This...

 What is an e-commerce site?

Simply, if a web site sells products and accepts payments online, then it is an e-commerce site.

 Which database will you be using?

We use either MySQL or Postgresql as our backend database for the sites we create.

 Which payment processing services can I use with?

We like to deal with 2Checkout, CyberCash, AuthorizeNet, PC Authorize, Signio, Charge Solutions, Approve.Net, The Processing Network, and Link Point payment processing systems. If your payment...

 Why should I accept credit cards on the internet?

If you accept credit cards on the internet, your site is like a retail store that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Research has shown that adding credit card capabilities to a site can...

 Will my site have search capabilities?

Yes our e-commerce sites will have functionality that will enable users to browse products by categories and by directly entering the item name into a search box.