Do I get access to my own CGI-BIN with an FTP hosting account?

Yes, you have access to your own CGI-BIN directory.

 Do you provide a front end for using the .htaccess / .htpasswd system?

Yes. In your on-line administration area, there is a web based front end. You can add and delete users and choose which directories to protect.

 Do you support the use of cron jobs?

Yes, we support cron jobs. But they must be manually reviewed first by our technical support before they could be enabled.

 Do your servers allow me to create password protected directories?

Yes. Our servers are installed with Apache's standard .htaccess / .htpasswd combination for password protection. There is no additional fee to use this service.

 Does XtraOrbit have any type of backup power system?

Yes. All of XtraOrbit's servers are protected by UPSs (uninteruptable power supplies).Backup power generators are on hand in case of an extended outage.

 Does XtraOrbit provide an on-line administration area?

Yes. XtraOrbit's on-line administration area is a key part of your hosting with us. Your administration area allows you to control your users, e-mail, view your site's traffic statistics and disk...

 In what folder should I upload my website file into?

You should upload your website files into the public_html folder.

 Is the TRANSFER limit a daily or monthly limit?

The hosting transfer limit is based on your monthly transfer bandwidth limit.

 My last host took days to answer my questions. Can you really be faster?

Yes , Fast Support is our number one priority. Based upon our years of experience in serving our clients , we handle 90% of the support requests we receive within 10-30 minutes.You may check our...

 Once I sign up, how long will it take for my account to be activated?

We Feature an instant account activation,once your sign up process is completed,you will recieve your welcome activation email. If you have not yet registered your domain yet, it may take 1 to 6...

 What are the differences between your "levels" of HOSTING?

The main differences between our hosting levels are found in the amount of disk space you are provided with, the amount of transfer you are allowed, and the number of e-mail accounts included.

 What database access does XtraOrbit offer?

XtraOrbit includes access to MySQL at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE with ALL of our hosting levels.

 What extension do I have to name my files to have the SSIs work?

Our servers will parse any files with the extension ".shtml" looking for server side includes.

 What happens if I go over my TRANSFER limit?

Our transfer limits are more than adequate for 95% of the sites we host. Unless you plan on streaming audio and/or video or banner advertising with Yahoo! and other search engines, you should not...

 What is SSL?

SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layers". SSL allows your web site to transfer information to and accept information from visitors in an encrypted form.


A TRANSFER LIMIT is the amount of information that you may transmit from your site. In other words, each time a picture or HTML page is viewed by a visitor, it uses a little bit of your transfer...

 What is the URL of the cPanel of my my hosting account?

Your cpanel is located at If you are migrating from an old hosting company, make sure to change the name servers of your domain to the values provided in our...

 What is the difference between www and public_html folders?

There is no difference between the www and public_html folders. The actual directory that you place your web files in is public_html folder. The www is a symbolic link (a shortcut) that points to...

 What web server software does your virtual hosting servers run?

Our virtual hosting servers run the latest version of Apache WebServer for Linux.

 Where do I put my webpages and files?

WebPages and files should be uploaded to the directory called 'public_html'. Anything you place in this directory will be accessible from the web at the root level of your domain.

 Why don't you offer UNLIMITED transfer?

There really is no such thing as unlimited transfer. Hosting services that offer unlimited transfer realize that a web server can only output so much data - which means it's not really unlimited....

 Why my new hosting account doesn't work?

If you ordered hosting with an Existing Domain (not registered with us), make sure to change your domain name-servers to the following values: Please...

 Will I get access to my RAW web logs?

Yes. You receive access to both your RAW access_log and error_log. The access_log contains the information of all hits your web site has received. (Our access_log uses the combine log format which...

 You didn't receive the welcome email from us

Please check the junk or spam folder of your email. You should find en email titled "Welcome to XtraOrbit" there.