Networked Information Center , Generally, any office that handles information for a network. The most famous of these on the Internet is Network Solutions, which is where new domain names are...


Network News Transport Protocol , The protocol used by client and server software to carry USENET postings back and forth over a TCP/IP network. If you are using any of the more common software...


Network Operation Center , Sometimes called a Datacenter. This is the term for a secure, managed network environment which may house tens or thousands of Web servers with power backup and...


Windows NT is Microsoft's 32-bit operating system developed from what was originally intended to be OS/2 3.0 before Microsoft and IBM ceased joint development of OS/2.Windows NT supports preemptive...


Network Time Protocol , A method used to send information over the Internet to synchronize the time of computer clients or servers with that of an accurate server or time source.

 NTP Server

Network Time Protocol Server , A computer using NTP to broadcast accurate information about time.

 Name Servers

A computer that performs the mapping of easily remembered domain names to IP addresses. Sometimes referred to as a host server.

 Name-Based Domain

A domain with a unique host name but shares an IP address with another server.

 Name-value pair

The name of a form field and the value of the field at the time the form is submitted. Each field in a form can have one or more name-value pairs, and the form itself can have one or more...

 Nested list

A list that is contained within a member of another list. Nesting is indicated by indentation in most Web browsers.


The etiquette on the Internet.


Derived from the term citizen, referring to a citizen of the Internet, or someone who uses networked resources. The term connotes civic responsibility and participation.


A bit-mask that identifies the network number and host number components of an IP-Address.


A WWW Browser and the name of a company. The Netscape browser was originally based on the Mosaic program developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).Netscape has grown...


Any time you connect 2 or more computers together so that they can share resources, you have a computer network. Connect 2 or more networks together and you have an internet.

 Network Quota

The amount of network resources dedicated to a server.

 Network location

In a URL, the unique name that identifies an Internet server. A network location has two or more parts, separated by periods, as in called host name and Internet address.


A distributed bulletin board system about a particular topic. Usenet News (also know as Netnews) is a system that distributes thousands of newsgroups to all parts of the Internet.


Any single computer connected to a network.

 Numbered list

The World Wide Web page paragraph style that presents an ordered list of items.