Local Area Network , A computer network technology that is designed to connect computers that are separated by a short distance , usually the same building or floor of a building.A LAN can be...


Refers to a phone line that is rented for exclusive 24-hour, 7 -days-a-week use from your location to another location.The highest speed data connections require a leased line.


An official agreement between a user and a corporation on the use and support of its products.

 Line break

A special character that forces a new line on the page without creating a new paragraph.


The text or graphic used in an HTML document to jump from one document to another. Typically underlined.


Developed by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki (Finland), is a UNIX-like operating system.It provides computer users a free or very low-cost operating system comparable to traditional...


A group of paragraphs formatted to indicate membership in a set or in a sequence of steps.


The most common kind of maillist, Listservs originated on BITNET but they are now common on the Internet.

 Local Registry Fees

Most TLDs require initial registration fees as well as annual or bi-annual renewal fees. Prices vary from cost-free to thousands of dollars per domain depending on the TLD chosen.For example, .COM...

 Log File

A file that lists actions that occurred. For example, web servers maintain log files listing every request made to the server.With log file analysis tools , it's possible to get a good idea of...


Noun or a verb.Noun: The account name used to gain access to a computer system.Not a secret (contrast with Password).Verb: The act of entering into a computer system, e.g. Login to the WELL and...