Frequently Asked Questions , A common type of document on the Internet that contains a list of questions and answers on a common theme. On the World Wide Web, questions are often hyperlinks to the...


Fiber Distributed Data Interface , A standard for transmitting data on optical fiber cables at a rate of around 100,000,000 bits-per-second (10 times as fast as Ethernet, about twice as fast as T-3).


File Transfer Protocol , A very common method of moving files between two Internet sites. FTP is a special way to login to another Internet site for the purposes of retrieving and/or sending...

 FTP Client

Software needed by the customer to upload content files to their Web site. Popular client FTP programs are CuteFTP and WS_FTP.


A named collection of information that is stored on a computer disk. Also, an Internet protocol that refers to files on the local disk.

 File Extensions

In the DOS/Windows computer world, and UNIX as well, almost every file (anything on your computer that isn't a folder is a file in this context) must have some kind of extension.Example: index.htm...

 File Sharing

In a network, the sharing of computer data or space by several users whose access privileges might vary.

 File type

The format of a file, usually indicated by its filename extension. Editors usually work on a limited set of file types.


A pattern or mask through which only selected data is passed.


An Internet software tool for locating people on other Internet sites.Finger is also sometimes used to give access to non-personal information, but the most common use is to see if a person has an...


A method of protecting one network from another network. A firewall blocks unwanted access to the protected network while giving the protected network access to networks outside of the firewall. A...


In a URL, a single part of the path to a page. A folder is a named storage area on the computer containing files and other folders.In, sample/ is a folder.


A set of data entry fields on a page that are processed on the server. The data is sent to the server when the user submits the form by clicking on a button or, in some cases, by clicking on an image.

 Form field

A data-entry field on a page. A user supplies information in a field either by typing text or by selecting the field.

 Form handler

A program on a server that executes when a user submits a form.

 Formatted text

A mono-spaced paragraph style in which all white space (such as tabs and spaces) is displayed by the browser. In other text styles, the browser may ignore extra white space.

 Forward Message

Redirecting (or forwarding) your email messages from one mailbox to another.When you create a Forward on your email account, your email messages can be redirected to another location without the...


A named element of a frame set. A frame appears in a Web browser as a scrollable window in which pages can be displayed.You assign a page to a frame when you create a hyperlink to the page.

 Frame set

A page that defines a set of named scrollable windows in which other pages can be displayed.Use a frame set when you want the contents of one part of the page to remain unchanged while the contents...


Microsoft FrontPage is a site creation and management software tool.One of the most popular Website creation software packages the software, both FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000 uses unique...

 FrontPage Extensions

Microsoft's server-side applications that lets users of FrontPage Web site creation tool to incorporate "web-bots" that perform pre-packaged function like full-text Web site searching or adding a...