Can I send you money using the "Send Money" link on the Moneybookers website?

No. Our automated system requires that you pay from the link on the order submitted page. We can always resend you the link if you need it.

 Do I have to pay the Moneybookers transaction fee to send you money?

No, we will pay all Moneybookers transaction fees for the order.

 Do you accept Moneybookers balance payments?

Yes, our automated system will usually process your order in a few minutes if you used your Moneybooker balance.

 Do you accept Moneybookers bank account payments?

Yes, but be advised that the funds may need 3-10 days to clear before your order can be processed.

 Do you accept Moneybookers credit card payments?

Yes. But you should add your credit card to Moneybookers and verify the credit card before placing an order. Instant credit card payments are not supported.

 Do you accept Moneybookers payments in currencies other than the US dollar?

Yes. Moneybookers will automatically convert your currency to USD before sending it to us. Exchange rates fluctuate daily, and Moneybookers charges you a small commission of 0.8%.

 I don't have a Moneybookers account. Can I still place an order?

Yes. We will forward you to the Moneybookers site after you submit your order, where you can create a new Moneybookers account. However, you will need to pay using your bank account. Instant credit...