My last host took days to answer my questions. Can you really be faster?

Yes , Fast Support is our #1 priority . Based upon our 4 years experience in serving our clients , we handle 90% of the support requests we receive within 10-30 minutes . You may check our Customer Quote section to see that the first advantage they like about us is our fast support .

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What are your technical support policies?

We handle 99% of all technical support problems. E-mail support queries are answered within 10-30 minutes during our in office support hours which last 18 hours a day / 7 days a week .

What type of connection does XtraOrbit have to the Internet?

When it comes to connectivity and redundancy, you can't beat XtraOrbit's screaming 100Mb fiberlink which is connected directly to the major backbone providers. please refer to our data center tour...

Where do I get an FTP CLIENT?

XtraOrbit provides technical support for both WS_FTP and CuteFTP. Our servers, however, will accept connections from ANY FTP client, or file transfer client which uses the FTP protocol. Plus, you...