A subset of the Microsoft Visual Basic programming system. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0, along with other browsers, can read VBScript programs embedded in HTML pages. VBScript programs...


Pronounced ver-mal, and short for Virtual Reality Modeling Language, VRML is a specification for displaying 3-dimensional objects on the World Wide Web. You can think of it as the 3-D equivalent of...

 Vacation Message

A mail utility that automatically sends a standard reply message to an email message.


Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives , Developed at the University of Nevada. Veronica is a constantly updated database of the names of almost every menu item on...

 Video Clip

A short video sequence that can be embedded into a World Wide Web page.Video clips can be inserted into FrontPage using ActiveX Controls, VBScripts, Java applets, or plug-ins.

 Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting describes a remote web server which is "host" to numerous domain names, where each domain name owner has all of the features of having a dedicated (on site) server. Virtual hosting...

 Virtual Site

An emulated site that includes a DNS domain with Web, FTP, and email capabilities. Each virtual site contains its own list of site user accounts. Each user account has its own set of Web and email...

 Visited Hyperlink

A hyperlink on a page that has been activated. Visited hyperlinks are usually displayed in a unique color by the browser.

 Visual SourceSafe

A document source-control system developed by Microsoft.