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What is PayPal ?

Founded in 1998, PayPal, an eBay Company, enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with 100 million account members worldwide. Available in 103 countries and regions around the world, buyers and sellers on eBay, online retailers, online businesses, as well as traditional offline businesses are transacting with PayPal.

PayPal has received close to 20 awards for technical excellence from the internet industry and the business community at large -most recently the 2003 Paypalbby Award for Best Finance Site and the 2003 Webby People's Voice Award for Best Finance Site.

Located in San Jose, California, PayPal was acquired by eBay Inc. in October, 2002.

What are you waiting for .. ?! Open a free PayPal account now.

PayPal is free for buyers :
  • Free to Send Money : Pay for purchases or send money to anyone with an email address in 103 countries and regions. It's free.

  • Accepted Worldwide : PayPal is accepted by thousands of businesses worldwide and is the preferred payment method on eBay.com.

  • Easy to Sign Up, Easy to Use : Signing up for a PayPal account is easy, and takes just a few minutes to complete. Once you're done, you can send your payment in minutes!

Pay anyone with an email address or phone number - instantly :
  • Send money to family and friends, forward a gift of money, buy online - PayPal is the secure, free, easy way to pay. Choose from 16 different currencies.
  • You control how you pay, too: bank account, credit card or your PayPal balance. From home, work, even your mobile phone. Itís all about choice: yours.
  • Check out the whole story about sending money to friends and family.
Pay for goods, services and eBay items :
  • No matter where your mouse takes you, PayPal lets you shop without sharing your financial information. With PayPal, privacy is built in.

  • Simply log in and click the Send Money tab.
Shop Without Sharing Financial Information :
  • PayPal help prevent identity theft : One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from identity theft is to keep your financial information private. PayPal enables you to pay without sharing your financial information with sellers.

  • 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account : Not only do Paypal help keep your financial information private, Paypal guarantee 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

Learn more about protecting your identity in PayPalís Identity Protection Resource Center.

PayPal Helps Keep You Safe :

Paypal comprehensive fraud-prevention program is one of the key reasons PayPal is a safe way to pay online.
  • Paypal monitor transactions 24/7 : Paypal believe that innovation and careful analysis is the way to beat fraud. Thatís why PayPal has developed industry-leading models to review every transactionóand help detect suspicious activity.

  • Experts work behind the scenes to help protect you : Paypal have a team of agents worldwide who work to help shield you from fraud and identity theft.

    • If Paypal suspect fraud in your account, Paypal will contact you immediately.
    • Paypal work with authorities to shut down fraudulent Websites.

  • PayPal's Fraud Investigation Team stops criminals : Paypal Fraud Investigation Team is dedicated to creating a safe PayPal community.

    Paypal team includes former law enforcement officials who:

    • Identify and help prevent fraud before it occurs.
    • Work with law enforcement around the world to help stop online criminals.

Recently, PayPalís Fraud Investigation Team:

Helped apprehend an identity thief
Worked to arrest someone who didn't deliver goods
Caught a criminal who sent fraudulent emails

Paypal dedicated fraud teams, in combination with Paypal advanced technology, help ensure your PayPal account remains safe.

Paypal Help Protect Your Account ó and Your Purchases

PayPalís industry-leading fraud prevention measures and Paypal one-of-a-kind method of keeping your financial information private from sellers make Paypal a safe way to pay online. Plus, Paypal offer the following to protect your purchases:
  • 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account. :

    With PayPal, youíre protected against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

    • PayPal sends an email confirmation of every account transaction.

    • If you receive confirmation of a transaction you donít recognize, Paypal 24/7 customer support team will help you sort out the situation.

    • If you think an unauthorized payment has been sent from your account, you can file an unauthorized activity claim.

  • Dispute resolution on PayPal purchases :

    When you pay with PayPal, you gain access to a forum for dispute resolution called the Resolution Center. Through it, you can file a claim against:

    • A physical good that you paid for but never received.

    • A physical good you purchased on eBay that is significantly different than what was described in the listing.

    Dispute Resolution specialists gather information about your transaction and help you resolve the issue. Throughout the process, youíll be advised of your claimís status via email and on your Account Overview page.

    For specific terms and conditions, please review the Buyer Complaint Policy in Paypal User Agreement.

  • Purchase protection on eBay ó PayPal Buyer Protection. :

    When youíre shopping on eBay, look for items that are covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.

    With it, you get free protection of up to $2,000.00 USD on your purchases. To determine if your item is eligible, look for PayPal Buyer Protection in the Seller Information box on the View Item page. When your transaction isnít covered by PayPal Buyer Protection, you may still be covered by Paypal Buyer Complaint Policy.

    To review guidelines for filing a claim and for specific terms and conditions, please review the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy and Buyer Complaint Policy in Paypal User Agreement.

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Skrill, MoneyBookers, Perfect Money, PayPal, Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, Payza and Credit Cards Payments Accepted.
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Web Hosting , Design and Domain Registration Top Five Questions

I would like to say that hosting or any business succeeds or fails because of communication and attention to client's needs.

XtraOrbit, even in a different time zone always responds quickly to any request, ICQ, email, SMS this is a genuine sign of their desire to be a long term successful business.

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Web Hosting , Design and Domain Registration Top Five Questions
1.  I don't want to use my credit card. What are my other options ?
2.  Once I sign up, how long will it take for my account to be activated ?
3.  What are the differences between your "levels" of HOSTING ?
4.  What billing cycle options are available ?
5.  What are your technical support policies ?
Web Hosting , Design and Domain Registration
Major payment methods are accepted, We accept major credit and debit cards, Perfect Money, Egopay, Paypal, Skrill, Moneybookers, Payza, AlertPay and Google Checkout.

So, you are free to order or register single domain names, bulk domain names, web hosting, cPanel hosting, website design and website templates Instantly using any of the above payment methods.

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