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Getting Started with: Unlimited Web Hosting

Once you pay for your hosting order, your account will be instantly activated, and a welcome email will be sent to you. The welcome email contains all the information needed to start using your new account.

The following are some of the FAQs related to using your new hosting order:

Please check the junk/spam folder of your email. You should find en email titled "Welcome to XtraOrbit" there.
If you ordered hosting with an Existing Domain (not registered with us):
Make sure to change your domain name-servers to the following values:

Please allow some time (up to 6 hours) for for full name-servers propagation across the Internet before you are able to access new your hosting account though your existing domain.
Your cpanel is located at

If you are migrating from an old hosting company, make sure to change the name servers of your domain to the values provided in our welcome email. Also please allow up to 24 hours for that change to be effective.
You should upload your website files into the public_html folder.

Getting Started with: Domain Names

You ordered a new domain name and you need help with the following :

Please contact our billing support at with your payment method and transaction number.
Please replace the default name servers of your domain with the values provided by your hosting provider.
If you have already done that, please allow up to 24 hours for the new name servers to propagate across the internet.
In order for the free email service to work properly, please set the name servers of your domain to the following values:

FAQs & knowledge Base

FAQs . 138 Topics

Anti SPAM policies

Number of Topics: 3
Anti SPAM Policies FAQs

Billing & Guarantee

Number of Topics: 6
Billing & 30 Days Money Back Gaurantee

Contents' Restrictions

Number of Topics: 8
hosted contents' restriction FAQs

Domain Names

Number of Topics: 11
Domain Names FAQ's

E-commerce FAQs

Number of Topics: 30
E-commerce FAQs area

Hosting FAQ's

Number of Topics: 38
Hosting related FAQ's

Payment - Skrill

Number of Topics: 7
Questions related to Skrill payment system

Technical Support FAQs

Number of Topics: 7
Technical Support FAQs area

CPanel, Hosting Control Panel . 116 Topics


Number of Topics: 4
The Backup area allows you to download the daily, weekly, or monthly backup file of your entire web site, or a particular MyS

CGI Center

Number of Topics: 19
This CGI Center area allows you to use some pre-installed CGI scripts through CPanel.

File Manager

Number of Topics: 11
The File Manager allows you to manage your site through HTML, rather than an FTP tool or other third-party application

Frontpage Extensions

Number of Topics: 3
How to Install/Uninstall it ?

FTP Manager

Number of Topics: 8
The FTP area deals with all the tools relating to setting up and managing FTP accounts, as well as managing FTP sessions

Hosting FAQ's

Number of Topics: 38
Hosting related FAQ's

HotLink Prevention

Number of Topics: 7
How to Prevent Hotlinking and ow to Disable hotlink protection


Number of Topics: 20
The Mail area allows you to manage all aspects of your e-mail, from adding new accounts, managing mailing lists, and setting forwarders and auto responders

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